Jennifer Williams for State Senate



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Community Leaders

  • Asian Democrats of Los Angeles County
  • CA Women’s List
  • Vote Mama
  • Heart of LA Democratic Club
  • Tanisha Saunders, LAHSA Commissioner
  • LAAAWPPI Executive Director Joy Atkinson
  • Robert Cole, Economy & Efficiency Chair & Commissioner, District 2
  • Katie McKeon, Economy & Efficiency Commissioner, District 2
  • Wilma Pinder, Economy & Efficiency Commissioner, District 2
  • Connie Sullivan, Economy & Efficiency Commissioner, County District 4 and CA Democratic Party Executive Board Member
  • Alex Aimé, L.A. County District 2 Workforce Development Commissioner
  • Redeem Robinson, L.A. County District 2 HIV Commissioner
  • Carlene Angela Davis, Principal, Strategy Muse Consulting
  • Kevin “Twin” Orange, Co-Founder of Advocates for Peace and Urban Unity
  • Bishop Frederick Wilson, Revelation Church Head Pastor
  • Joshua Jones, Revelation Church Pastor and Youth Leader
  • Reginald Johnson, Vice Chair of Measure, A Citizens Oversight Advisory Board,
  • Michael Matthews, Co-Owner of L.A. Film Kitchen
  • Andre Vaughn Ros, Real Estate Investor